Sunday, 18 September 2016

Under My Bed - By Bar

Hi there! My name is Bar. I wrote this story for a writing extension task I had to complete. I came up with the idea for this story when I went to a special writing workshop, and they gave us some prompts to think about. I chose one of the prompts and changed it up a bit, and this is how I got this! So I hope you like it.

Under my bed. That’s where I found it. I have no idea how it got there, or what it could be used for, all I knew was that it was under my bed. And that’s not much information to go off since that is just a place. Maybe someone had placed it there? Why would someone place it under my bed? Possibly with the intention of me finding it. But if that was the case, why under my bed? Why not next to my school bag, or on my desk? Maybe someone dropped it. But who? Without thinking, I grabbed it. Why not? After all, it was under my bed.

Maybe it will help me get some treasure from a secret chest somewhere? Or maybe it will help me get into a room where there is super advanced technology from the future? I can only hope. Mum wasn’t home, so I couldn’t ask her, she was shopping at the supermarket. It did seem familiar, I just didn’t know where else I saw it. Maybe in a dream? A vision? Something that told me about this special object? No, probably not. As much as I know that I have seen it somewhere before, I knew it wasn’t from a dream.

I couldn’t wait for my mother to come home, so I started searching around the house for something I could use it on. But what? After searching for at least fifteen minutes for something to use it on, I found nothing.
“I know! It’s probably outside!” I decided. Then I realised there was a slight problem. The front door was locked. My mum usually leaves the door unlocked when I am home alone, but sometimes she accidentally locks it out of habit. This is probably one of those times.

As a joke, I slid the object in the direction of the front door.
Then I facepalmed.
Now I know how it got there. My mum had left it under my bed for me to use.

It was the key to my front door.


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  2. Hey bar! that was such a well wrote story, such good description, and an amazing idea. you did so well in use of short sentences, humor and hooking the audience in! Good job and keep it up!